Komdom® is the first anti-puncture system allowing you to get the best performance from your MTB and forget about punctures forever.
Komdom®, the first true 100% safe anti-puncture solution, was created from the experience of MrWolf’s engineers and the expertise gained from the collaboration with the manufacturer of Enduro World Champion motorcycle mousse.
A solution that combines the mousse performance with the practicality of air. By a customisation, the product feeling is unique and by damping shocks, the bike acquire greater grip and comfort. On the other hand, the inner tube, allows you to change the wheel unit based on your preferences.
Komdom® adapt to every rider’s need and provide optimum performance in each conditions.


Punctures will be just an old story. Protecting your rides against any kind of puncture, Komdom® let you enjoy optimum performance from your bike. The “C” section of Komdom’s elastomeric part protects the inner tube and ensures maximum reliability in every use of conditions .


Komdom means “no more tire sealant”! You no longer need to latex your tires, you no longer need a perfect seal to your tubeless rim and no more tire replacement when cut. Komdom let you continue using your tires until they are completely worn out.


Komdom offers unprecedented traction coupled with maximum customization. The elastomeric part absorbs all impact and deforms in close contact with the ground, guaranteeing outstanding grip. On the other hand, the micro air chamber, guarantees maximum customization by radically changing the wheels’ set behaviour according to the pressure selected.


Damaged rims become a distant memory with Komdom. All stress and impact from the ground is now completely dissipated by the mousse.


Komdom doesn’t mean an increase in weight. You just need to choose a lighter tire to balance the weight on the wheel set. The tire casing is no longer an issue for protection against punctures nor for the support offered. Komdom, in fact, supports the tire casing and, even if the casing gets irreparably cut, you’ll still able to ride free.


Each MrWolf product is the result of experience and quality only Made in Italy can offer. Komdom is entirely produced in Italy and every single product is post-cured for at least 15 days before being placed on the market.


When you think about a mousse it’s easy to link it with long levers and dedicated tire changers. Komdom on the contrary, thanks to its patented section, ensures quick and easy assembly.