???? Are u ready to enjoy your Komdom?!? ????
Follow these basic steps to fit it in a simple way:

  • Take the inner tube
  • Infate the tube with a small amount of air
  • Place the tube inside the Komdom
  • Insert the mousse inside the tyre
  • Mount the first bead of the tyre onto the rim starting from the valve.
  • PRO TIPS: use soap to facilitate this step
  • If necessary, usa a tyre lever to finalize this step
  • Slice Komdom into the centre of the rim
  • Check the Komdom is seated in the middle of the rim
  • Remove the air
  • Proceed to fit the tyre starting from the valve
  • PRO TIPS: use soap to facilitate this step
  • Proceed to fit by hand
  • Leave 20/25cm of tyre not fitted
  • CAUTION: Don’t use tyre levers! Don’t do any strenght!
  • Push the tyre bead into the centre of the rim
  • Use a tyre lever to facilitate this step
  • Finish fitting the tyre with tyre levers
  • If necessary, repeat the bead braking operation several times
  • Only than finish fitting the tyre
  • Inflate the inner tube until the tyre is seated on the rim
  • Choose the pressure you require
  • PRO TIPS: To get started, use a pressure of 0.1 bar / 2 psi lower than your ideal pressure

– Do not exceed 2 bar (29 psi).
– Clean perfectly the tire from any residue of tyre sealant before the fitting of Komdom
– Komdom inserts are designed for off-road use
– Komdom must not be stored at more than 30°C (86° F) for any lenght of time. It’s strongly recommended to avoid exposing Komdom to sun light.
– Komdom has a lifespan of up to 12 months from the date it’s first fitted to the bike. Its working life is significantly lower when used intensively.