Fitting Instructions

The package include:

  • A complete set of MousseBalls of the chosen size
  • Assembly instructions
  • A silicone lubricant kit
  • A rim sticker kit + a MrWolf sticker

Lubricate each Ball individually using the supplied grease

Warning: Lubricate also the lateral surfaces of the Balls 

Insert the Balls inside the tire

Warning: Keep the arrow oriented towards the rim

In intermediate configurations it will be normal to have empty spaces between one insert and another (about 1-2 cm / 0,4-0,7 inch)

Arrange the Balls evenly so as to have equal spaces along the entire circumference

Warining: the Balls will swell by more than 30% during use by zeroing the space between one insert and another

If you wish to have a more sustained configuration (eg for Rallies), compress the Balls against each other

Add one or two extra Balls

Then proceed with fitting the tire

Warning: Rim Lock must be at the centre of a Ball

The game is done!

Consult the Setting Table provided to understand all the possibile configurations for your tire